Doing Business in the Hunter

A smart business location

Global contracts, worlds best practice, national innovation award winners – The Hunter is a hub for companies of all sizes that think and operate innovatively.

With a $37 billion economy – the largest regional economy in Australia – the Hunter has built a sophisticated support network of professional services, infrastructure and peak body associations that recognise innovation as pivotal to its growth and sustainability.

One of the Hunter’s key strengths is its collaborative business environment. Industry-led peak body associations contribute to a system of collective thinking where knowledge and outcomes are shared.

With an economy as diverse and complex as the Hunter’s, enabling organisations play a vital role in connecting businesses with research institutes, education providers and other businesses who work together to foster innovation.

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Internationally Competitive

Looking for an Asian Headquarters?

The Hunter is Australia’s largest regional economy, well positioned – adjacent to Sydney – as an East coast hub.

Just two hours’ drive north of Sydney, built around Australia’s largest tonnage port and with its own airport, the Hunter provides easy access to international suppliers and customers.

It is home to Australia’s largest coal export supply network which is a major resource supplier to customers in Japan, South Korea, China and other Asian countries.

The Hunter has a strong track record in international trade with several national companies headquartered in the region.

 The Hunter is a smart choice for your Asian headquarters. For more information visit:

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The Hunter

A smart business location

The Hunter is Australia’s largest regional area and incorporates the nation’s seventh largest city, Newcastle. The Hunter is a microcosm of the national economy with significant exposure to resources, agriculture, energy production, defence and service industry base and a large urban centre based on a coastal fringe.

The Hunter currently comprises around 8% of economic activity in New South Wales with regional output of approximately $37 billion – making it Australia’s largest regional economy.

The Hunter economy has distinct industry bases with strong foundations in mining and agriculture. It has undergone significant structural change in the past two decades including considerable expansion in the broad service sector.

The Hunter has complex transport infrastructure including the world’s largest coal export port and its own airport supported by motorways and rail.

According to Deloitte Access Economics, the Hunter economy is projected to grow by nearly 75% by 2036 with output of around $64.8 billion.

Robust population growth to around 1,000,000 people is also expected in the Hunter over the next two decades.

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The Hunter's Sub-Regions

Smart Business Choice

The Hunter is a vibrant, cosmopolitan region. It covers an area of 31,000km2 reaching north to Gloucester, south to Lake Macquarie and west to Merriwa.

The region has abundant natural attributes which support a diverse industrial base while its infrastructure provides easy access to domestic and international suppliers and customers.

The Hunter is Australia's seventh most populous centre with over 650,000 people and tipped to grow to close to a million in the next two decades. 

The Hunter is comprised of eleven sub-regions. For more information or to speak to a business investment specialist in each area visit the links below:

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